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6 in 1 Skin and hair analyzer and treatment machine is a kind of multifunctional skin care beauty machine,which combines 6 types of technologies into one system.It helps to find the problem of hair and do the treatment by different functional handpieces etc.

 * Features:

Hydro dermabrasion (wet sanding)
Deep cleansing pores,softening and removing dead skin.
Different models of the probe has a different effect for full face operation. A special whirlpool probe can quickly absorb blackheads and grease. Unique two way drainage design, clean the pores while the skin into the nutrients and moisture,improve skin spots and other skin problems.

Ultrasonic probe 
The ultrasonic wave is high up to 100 million to 300 million shocks per second, effectively helping to import the cosmetic nutrition deeply into the skin to promote its absorption. Strengthen the beauty effect.

RF probe
Non-surgical radio frequency probe produces heat energy delivering to dermis layer. The heat helps to contract these layers and regenerate collagen. Effectively care the wrinkle and loose skin.

Cold hammer
The cold treatment function is specially designed for calming down the skin
after cleaning. The skin is sensitive after the treatment, so the cold treatment procures is necessary.
Benefit: Calming skin, pain release

Oxygen Spray Gun
Through the high pressure separation method, the nutrition in the stainless steel bottle and oxygen are sprayed on the treatment skin from special design nozzle. It greatly accelerates nutrition to be absorbed, face cleaning and skin rejuvenation.

Water Jet Peeling
It is a deep face cleaning treatment procedure that combines 100% oxygen and the liquid such as saline solution, water or skin nutrition to jet on the skin. Deeply clean the face, remove dirt in pores and shrink pores.


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