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New Face Beauty Machine Facial Reveal Imager Skin Analysis OEM


It is possible to find out the skin problems quickly and precisely, and record the analysis report in software by generating a skin status trend figure, together with a treatment prescription by pre-input data, including cosmetics and beauty care applications to apply. This equipment can be widely used in home, beauty salons and clinics, or cosmetic department store.


1.High definition, good color reducibility and high color purity without color cast;

2.Photo-taking touch screen function: freezing frame picture, restoring picture for browsing and photo-taking;

3.Skin surface layer test;

4.Skin bottom layer test;

5.Skin UV test;

6.Switchover button can freely switch among the above three functions;

7.Self-owned lighting facilities, no need relying on the light of the external environment when using it;

8.With indicator light indicating current functions;

9.With dust cover


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