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The face is the holographic area of ​​the body. Regardless of the problem of the skin, most of them are related to the dysfunction of the internal organs. However, the general life and beauty care is in the form of circular, Capricorn and other massage methods, and emphasizes the use of various high-nutrient skin care products. Skin care not only solves the fundamental problem that the problem skin cannot be obtained, but also causes fine lines, sensitiveness and the like and increases the burden on the skin.
The first reason for skin care is that if your skin is not natural, the big name can definitely help you improve one or two. Of course, if you are born with a bad skin, you can’t expect to compare with those beautiful skin-blowing beauty.
The second reason is very important. After 20 years old, the sooner the better the maintenance. Although some people have natural skin, they must be maintained! Maintenance is not maintained when you are young. But if a woman is not maintained, she will age soon after menopause. If you pay attention to maintenance when you are young, you will get old after menopause, but the speed will be much slower.
Maintenance is for the future, so don’t be lazy when you are young. I feel that my face is as important as the house and the car, so the flower is absolutely not distressed.
Three steps of skin care: the role of cleaning, toning and emollient is also different. Oily skin is recommended to use foam-containing facial cleanser, because it can effectively clean the grease that has been accumulated in one day. Toner must remember to use cotton pad. This can help the skin to be cleaned twice, while at the same time laying the foundation for the next lotion. The last is the lotion. The lotion can help our skin water and oil balance, supply nutrition, and conditioning, so these 3 mornings and evenings It is essential, as well as the two jaws and horns are often overlooked when cleaning the face, so we should better circle and massage the mirror when cleaning, so that it can be cleaned to every corner. .
Washing procedure Six steps to wash your face:
Step 1: It is very important to moisten the water temperature of the face with warm water. Some people save trouble by washing their faces directly with cold water; some people think that they are oily skin, they must use very hot water to wash the grease on their face. In fact, these are the wrong views. The correct way is to use warm water. This will ensure that the pores are fully opened without excessive loss of the skin’s natural moisturizing oil.
Step 2:No matter what kind of cleanser you use, the amount should not be too much. The area is five cents. Before applying to the face, be sure to fully foam the cleanser in the palm of your hand. The person who forgets this step is the most, and this step is also the most important step. Because, if the cleanser does not fully foam, it will not achieve the cleaning effect, and will remain in the pores causing acne. Of course, the more the bubbles, the better, and you can also use some tools that make it easy to make cleansing milk.


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