Product description

 Product Information
UV-01 disinfection ball uses deep ultraviolet 
rays for disinfection and sterilization.
No ozone and no mercury pollution, it is 
portable and easy to use. It was tested and 
sterilized efficiency was over 95%.
a)The packaging comes with host 
charging base, ball germicidal lamp, 
USB data cable and instruction 
b)Appearance structure- sphere and 
charging base.
c)Technical specifications:
– LED purple light 
– 5050 lamp size
– 405-410NM band adapter
– adapter AC100-240V@DC5V 2A
– temperature -10 to 45 degree Celsius 
– humidity 20% to 90%

Ideal Usage.
Shoes, shoe cabinets, refrigerators, washing 
machines, clothes closets, handbags, and 
everything needs to be sterilized. The sphere 
is waterproof to IPX7 and can be immersed 
in water. It can be placed on a table top, on 

the floor, on the wall or on a metal stand. 
The product comes with two hemispheres 
and they can sterilize at 180 degree or 
360 degree.the two spheres can be used 

a)Since purple light hurts the eyes,users 
should not look directly at the purple 
light or wear goggles.
b)Please keep out of reach of children 
and it’s not a toy.
c)Do not turn it on when is charging.
d)Please store the charging base in a 
dry and safe place and keep it away 
from water and high temperature.
c)Do not damage the product by any 
strong impact.
b)When cleaning the product, it is 
recommended to wipe the surface 
with a cotton cloth with small amount 
of alcohol
e)Unauthorized personnel is prohibited 
to work or service this product or 
else the warranty is void. Please see 
attached warranty card.


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